Floor in Stockholm

Våning i Stockholm

Harmony in the middle of town

In central Stockholm you will find a bright and airy floor furnished with furniture from Englesson. The furniture breathes calm and harmony and creates a timeless impression that you like to spend your time in. With our modular furniture and modular sofas, you can create furniture that is almost custom-built for you, depending on the room.

Modern Classics
Englesson has furniture for most of the rooms in a home. Our wide collections of furniture and sofas have a balanced harmony between classic furniture and modern furniture, which means that together they create a timeless impression.

Modular bookshelf
With our stackable modular furniture, you can create a piece of furniture for your home. Stockholm modular bookshelf is a classic piece of furniture, so fits in both a classic and modern home. The bookshelf is also available in a neater version - Stockholm 2.0

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